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TOOTSIE Roll - SweetieShop
Sale priceR6
TOOTSIE Roll 14g
Mike and Ike Mega Mix - SweetieShop
TOXIC WASTE Sour Candy Yellow Drum - SweetieShop
Mike and Ike Sour Watermelon | 22g - SweetieShop
Save 31%
LIFESAVERS Hard Candy Roll 5 Flavor - SweetieShop
Sale priceR20 Regular priceR29
LIFESAVERS Hard Candy Roll 5 Flavour | 32g In stock
Mike and Ike Original| 22g - SweetieShop
Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour - SweetieShop
Mike and Ike Berry Blast | 22g - SweetieShop
NERDS Grape Strawberry - SweetieShop
Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls | Video Box - SweetieShop
Krabby Patties Colors Candy | Video Box - SweetieShopKrabby Patties Colors Candy Video Box | 72g
NERDS Rainbow Video Box - SweetieShop
Sale priceR69
NERDS Rainbow Video Box | 141g In stock
Pop Rocks Cotton Candy - SweetieShop
Hot Tamales | Video Box - SweetieShop
Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon | 22g - SweetieShop
WARHEADS Double Drops - SweetieShop
CHARMS Assorted Sour Balls Tin - SweetieShop
NERDS Gummy Clusters Video Box - SweetieShop
Red Hots Cinnamon Candy Mini | 22g - SweetieShop
Pop Rocks Bubble Gum - SweetieShop
NERDS Wild Cherry Watermelon - SweetieShop
Pop Rocks Original Cherry - SweetieShop
Gordons | Sour Worms 60g - SweetieShop
Sale priceR15
Gordons | Sour Worms 60g Sold out
NERDS Grape and Strawberry Video Box - SweetieShop
NERDS ROPE Rainbow - SweetieShop
Sale priceR45
NERDS ROPE Rainbow | 26g
NERDS Chewy | Video Box - SweetieShop
TOOTISE Roll Mini Bites | Video Box - SweetieShop
Swedish Fish | Video Box - SweetieShopSwedish Fish Red | Video Box 88g - SweetieShop
LEMONHEAD Original Video Box - SweetieShop
Sour Patch Kids | Video Box - SweetieShop
Sale priceR65
Sour Patch Kids Video Box | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Only 6 units left
RIP ROLL Cherry - SweetieShop
Sale priceR49
RIP ROLL Cherry | 40g
Pop Rocks Strawberry - SweetieShop
TOXIC WASTE Drum Nuclear Fusion - SweetieShop
Mike and Ike Berry Blast | Video Box - SweetieShop

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