WICKED Spring Vegetable Medley

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WICKED Spring Vegetable Medley | 113g

Made with non-gmo ingredients, certified gluten-free, Kosher

Is it possible for a snack crisp to exist that’s both magically good for you and delectable? Just imagine this: a realm of eternal spring. Flowers blossom all year round, butterflies fill the air, and your thumb is always green. In fact, your garden is magical, because you just say the name of a vegetable, and it will instantly grow ripe, making every meal a snap.

Ok, so in real life you can’t even keep a succulent alive, but we’ve captured the spirit of everlasting spring with Spring Vegetable Medley Wicked Crisps. A new veggie snack that magically combines a surprisingly delightful taste and genuine nutrition, it’ll make you think it came straight from an enchanted garden.

We lightly salt tomato, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, and field pea, then bake it to perfection as a fresh, good-for-you crisp. Eternal youth? Sorry, out of luck. But eternal spring can be yours with a snack that’s got it all: wicked good taste and wicked good nutrition.

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